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Keep high-tech and consumer electronics products flowing from factory floor to retail door

Speed to market, product availability and competitive pricing are just some of the challenges facing consumer electronics companies today. Partnering with APL Logistics maximizes supply chain efficiency, speeds goods to your customers and drives down the costs of inventory management, warehousing and transportation.

Move your supply chain decision-making closer to final distribution

We design supply chain solutions that fit the size and scope of your company. This includes a diverse range of solutions such as:

  • Merge-in-transit

Serving some of the biggest names in consumer electronics

Our mission is to forge a partnership that earns your trust by enabling your company to focus on its core competency. We provide the supply chain knowledge and business know-how to engineer innovative, cost-effective solutions that help your company fully capitalize on the bottom line promise.

That is why established consumer electronics manufacturers have entrusted their third-party logistics operations to us.

From origin-factory handling to international or domestic transportation, to last mile fulfillment of your products, APL Logistics can customize your end-to-end supply chain for maximum agility.

Other Services

Customs Brokerage
Ensure the efficient clearance of your goods in full compliance with government regulatory requirements.

Trade Solutions
Our global trade professionals is knowledgeable to help you comply to trade requirements and leverage Free Trade Agreement to improve your overall supply chain cost-efficiency.


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