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Green Supply Chain Analysis

Helping our customers achieve Corporate Social Responsibility objectives by reducing their impact on the environment

Companies are increasingly turning their attention to environmental management, both as responsible citizens and to demonstrate publicly their company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The supply chain offers significant opportunities to adopt environmental-friendly practices with measurable results.

APL Logistics’ engineers can help assess your supply chain and reduce your carbon footprint. We have advanced modeling tools, dashboards and techniques that are the industry’s first. With our carbon footprint calculator and green supply chain analysis, they identify more sustainable practices, including operational savings. Such tools provide the metrics you require to publish improvements in your annual report and media communications.


Warehouse operations - Our analysis tools estimate the amount of greenhouse gases produced by using fossil fuels for electricity, heat, transportation and other purposes at each warehouse. Simulations tools help explore different warehouse configurations to reduce movements and double handling.


Transportation - APL Logistics offers a range of strategies to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Optimizing shipment routes and the overall logistics network help reduce product carbon footprint. Maximizing modal conversion opportunities to utilize greener transport modes, such as ocean and rail.


Start reducing your carbon footprint with help from APL Logistics’ advanced modeling tools and techniques.



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