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Warehouse Design

Improve space optimization, smooth process flows and boost staff utilization – by design

Maintaining balance is an important element for effective warehouse design – balancing capacity and throughput, storage techniques and equipment requirements against staff utilization. With many value-added services now taking place in the warehouse, it is also about weighing process flows against automation and new technologies.

This is where APL Logistics can help, whether you are simply expanding your warehousing operations or completely redefining your warehousing strategy. Multi-country exposure means we are able to bring considerable hands-on expertise, innovation and best practice to your warehouse design.


Our space utilization service gives you:

  • A precise and most appropriate to-scale warehouse design and layout
  • Maximized space utilization and operational productivity


Innovation with a dash of real-world pragmatism
We listen before we suggest. Analyze before we offer solutions. From time motion studies to simulation modeling, our experts will test alternate scenarios, allowing for the vagaries of working in the real world. We can also help you to maximize your productivity using the world’s leading discrete event simulation software.


Within weeks or less, APL Logistics’ engineers can carve out additional warehouse space and improve operational productivity.


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