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Visual Intelligence

Supply chain solutions for clearer strategic vision, focused direction and better decisions by translating business objectives into quantitative indicators used to pro-actively monitor success


The speed and complexity of business has risen dramatically increasing the need to respond to changing conditions efficiently. In such a demanding business climate, it is essential to align data with strategic imperatives. Visual Intelligence employs useful tools so decision-makers have the necessary information to make insightful decisions.

Companies that are seeking lean materials management, better decisions, greater transparency and improved compliance can all benefit by employing VI processes. They can also be confident that business objectives are safeguarded through intelligent use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Our team of VI professionals has deep, practical experience in the discipline of VI, exploring data and analyzing facts. They are also skilled at assessing KPI and revising them to better reflect the strategic market goals of our customers and this is the starting point of the engagement.

Visual Intelligence (VI)

APL Logistics’ VI tools include techniques for handling and presenting data that is easily accessible, timely and consistent:

  • Data mining Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools – Knowledge discovery by analyzing data from different
  • Role-based reporting – Access to information necessary at operational levels only
  • VI dashboards – Visualizes queried data translating business objectives into quantitative indicators used to pro-actively monitor success


Our VI program gives a clear competitive edge to a company because it offers tools and processes designed to convert previously unused “data” into actionable intelligence. This provides a platform for faster consensus in a matrix-environment, allowing very large companies to be nimble, adapting quickly to changes in market or consumer demand.

These programs also instill a culture of continuous improvement as data and processes can be analyzed quickly to push organizations to improve.

Let APL Logistics’ VI program help you find greater analytical insights to make more informed decisions.


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