Booking Manager

Create and submit shipping orders online.


Booking ManagerBooking Manager is a web-based tool that allows you to rapidly create and submit electronic bookings to APL Logistics via the Internet. For fast and reliable support, local APL Logistics administrators authorize the bookings, and confirm the status to you via e-mail.


The key features of Booking Manager contributing to improved efficiency and process consistency include:

  • Web-based Access
    You can now create, update or submit bookings online. Choose from either a previously submitted booking or a previously created template to minimize data entry. You can even save an incomplete booking and return later to complete and submit the booking.
  • Profile Templates
    You can create unlimited Booking Templates for future use.
  • Print Bookings
    Bookings can be printed anytime.
  • Auto Acknowledgement
    Receive e-mail notifications whenever a booking is submitted, updated or authorized.
  • Revise Bookings
    Allow booking revisions for submitted or authorized bookings



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Maintenance Notice


Booking Manager will be unavailable at the below schedule:

29th May 2015 (FRI)
02:30am – 06:30am (PST)

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