Revolutionize your shipment plans with ShipmentOptimizer™

The volatility in market conditions, manufacturing costs, and other supply chain variables, coupled with the enormous amount of shipping data and trade lane combinations makes selecting the optimal shipment plan a challenge for any logistics professional.

To meet these challenges, APL Logistics – an industry leader in supply chain technology, has introduced ShipmentOptimizer, a web-based, shipment planning platform that utilizes advanced algorithms to help you optimize and increase supply chain performance.

ShipmentOptimizer was specifically designed to handle challenging and ever-changing, real-world supply chain environments. Taking into account your unique preferences, requirements and constraints, ShipmentOptimizer analyzes shipment flows, modes, lanes and cargo to develop the most efficient, cost-effective planning recommendations. This plan is updated as assumptions or conditions change, relying on real-time data fed by APL Logistics’ applications.

In addition, ShipmentOptimizer forecasts shipment plans to automatically notify you of deviations, and supports collaboration among your supply chain partners.

With ShipmentOptimizer, you can:

  • Enjoy greater supply chain efficiency: cost savings with better container utilization, reductions in unnecessary air freight, improved routings and reduced manual overhead through automated planning.
  • Better manage and mitigate risks: better manage supply chain risk with enhanced visibility and alerts notifying you of any exceptions and deviations from your initial shipment plan.
  • Build stronger partnerships: collaborate seamlessly with a unified platform within your organization and among your supply chain partners.


To discover how you can benefit from ShipmentOptimizer, contact your APL Logistics representative or email us.




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