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Compliant, safe transportation, storage and handling for the chemical and science industries in an environmentally responsible manner

The movement, storage and distribution of products in the chemical and science industries can be particularly complex with strict regulations for safe transportation, handling and strong compliance with environmental controls. APL Logistics meets the most stringent requirements.

We are recognized for safety and environmental responsibility in freight management by the world’s top chemical manufacturers and bodies, including membership of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care® Partnership Program. You can be confident that our safety-first commitment is backed by comprehensive knowledge of government regulations and specific handling criteria for chemical products.

Whether you market commodity, intermediate or specialty chemicals, we provide trained personnel for a variety of configurations including bulk drums, dry packages and elasticized fabric super sacks.

Red room and hazardous materials
In addition to our Hazardous Materials (HazMat) handling capabilities, we are also experienced in the establishment of red room solutions, including:

  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Spark-arrested equipment and forklifts
  • Spill kits and recovery systems
  • Vapor sensor and specialized ventilation systems
  • Security / fire detection systems and emergency exhaust
  • Blow-out walls
  • Primary and secondary liquid containment

Transportation management services

Working with our customers, we perform risk assessments, selecting the most appropriate routes, equipment and handling procedures. Services include:

Beyond compliance, however, partnering with APL Logistics is a sure route to performance improvement.

Case Studies

Chemical Company
This American science company, one of the largest in the world, chose APL Logistics to manage its transportation network, including the challenge of handling hazardous materials. Compliance stands at more than 96% and cost savings since 2000 are more than US$105 million.

Chemical Company

Other Services

APL Logistics manages ocean, rail and truck transportation for the world's leading chemical manufacturers. Learn how APL Logistics improves efficiencies and deliver quality service.

Customs Brokerage
Ensure the efficient clearance of your goods in full compliance with government regulatory requirements.

Trade Solutions
Our global trade professionals is knowledgeable to help you comply to trade requirements and leverage Free Trade Agreement to improve your overall supply chain cost-efficiency.


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