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Balance complexities and changing conditions with ShipmentOptimizer™


As an industry leader in supply chain technology, APL Logistics has developed ShipmentOptimizer, a web-based shipment decision tool that adapts as your unique business rules change.

Planners can now balance all the contending complexities of load and container utilization, ever-changing shipping rates and lead times, trade lanes and multimodal combinations. All of which translates into cost efficiencies.

Helping you get there

Our performance delivery specialists conduct a thorough review of your operational requirements, business rules and associated consequences. Using ShipmentOptimizer, they build a model that assesses potential routings and costs to arrive at the optimal mode and route for each shipment.

Improve efficiencies, mitigate risks and build stronger partnerships


  • Enjoy supply chain efficiencies – Cost savings with better container utilization, reductions in unnecessary air freight, improved routings and reduced manual overhead with automated planning.

  • Manage and mitigate risks – Enhanced visibility and alerts notifying of exceptions and deviations from initial shipment plan. Apply your own preferences, business rules and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Build stronger partnerships – Collaborate seamlessly on a unified platform within your organization and among your supply chain partners. ShipmentOptimizer - just one of APL Logistics’ market leading technology solutions available to our customers.






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