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COVID-19: APLL Regional Network Update (NAM, LATAM, EMEA)

May 13, 2020

Current updates for NAM, LATAM and EMEA regions are as follows:


NAM Port Updates:

  • Port of NY and NJ: No disruptions reported.
  • Port of Oakland: No disruption reported.
  • Port of Long Beach: No disruption reported, individual terminals may have limited hours and or operations. Please check with terminal.

  • Port of Los Angeles: No disruption reported, individual terminals may have limited hours and or operations. Please check with terminals.

  • Port of Vancouver: No disruption reported.
  • Prince Rupert: No disruption reported.
  • Port of Halifax: No disruption reported.

Click here to download the NAM update


Current updates for LATAM are as follows:

  • Peru: The Peruvian government has extended the country-wide curfew and controls through May 24.
  • Brazil: The Sao Paulo State government has extended the country-wide curfew and controls through May 31.
  • Mexico: Today the Mexican government has announced a program to restart activities in Mexico, using a 3-stage approach starting on May 18, 2020.

Stage 1 –  May 18: Only counties with no registered cases will start normal activities. However, most of these counties are far away from big cities or isolated.

Stage 2 – May 18 to June 1: This stage is named “Preparation for Activities”. Industries shall develop protocols according to governmental guidelines like social distance, use of mask, temperature control and others. Three new sectors are included under ‘Essential Activities’: Construction, Mining and Automotive.

Stage 3 –  June 1: Return to normal activities depending on the number of registered cases. This means that government will be monitoring the situation and will report on the risk level. Depending on the risk level of the county or specific zones, some activities may be restricted.

Click here to download the LATAM update


Current updates for EMEA are as follows:

  • Italy: Italy has reopened factories
  • Jordan: The Jordanian government has relaxed restrictions on all services except rail

Click here to download the EMEA update

Important note regarding return to office actions:

APL Logistics cannot cite specific dates on return to office actions globally. We will continue to provide advance notice of changes to this arrangement.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority. We will consider each country/state’s local plans against what will be phased using new guidelines.

We will continue to take a cautious approach globally.

As always, information regarding the COVID 19, including Q&A, online training, technical guidelines, preventative measures, travel guidance, etc. can be found on the WHO website:, and we encourage you to reference local health authorities and guidelines in your area.

About APL Logistics
APL Logistics is the go-to global supply chain specialist for companies in the Automotive, Consumer, Industrials, and Retail sectors. The APL Logistics group of companies has a global network covering all major markets and is backed by a multinational workforce of over 6,800 people. APL Logistics Ltd is a member of the Kintetsu World Express group, a global logistics services provider. For more information, or email us at and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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