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TPM 24

March 3-6, 2024 | Long Beach Convention Center
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Building Supply Chain Resilience to Combat Global Disruption

In today’s fast-moving supply chains, you can only expect the unexpected. To meet customer demand and scale during economic uncertainty and decarbonization, companies need advanced order planning, predictive lifecycle visibility, and responsive execution across all geographies. Enabling day-to-day decision-making that mitigates inventory disruption – and maximizes your profitability.


TPMTech: Using Demand Planning to Overcome Visibility Shortfalls

TPM 24 Session Details

To many in the world of international logistics, visibility is a Band-Aid, not an elixir. Needing data about where a shipment is, especially if receipt of the data requires payment to a third party, is a sign of insufficient data quality from carriers and facilities across modes. But on a deeper level, it’s also a sign that an organization is so reliant on a specific shipment that it needs data about its whereabouts at key junctures because the price of not knowing is more costly.

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