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Information Technology (IT) is at the heart of today’s extended global supply chain. APL Logistics’ IT systems deliver increased efficiency, reliability and responsiveness through automation of supply chain activities, end-to-end visibility and a wealth of business intelligence.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Closer collaboration between supply chain partners to improve strategic planning and daily operations becomes much easier with our full suite of supply chain visibility tools.


Optimizing a complex, global supply chain network to cope with frequently changing business rules has been almost impossible until now. ShipmentOptimizer™ is our web-based shipment decision tool that quickly adapts as your business rules change.

Transport Management Systems

This fully integrated, multimodal system is capable of managing the smooth execution of an entire shipment from carrier allocation to delivery. It allows you to track and trace products at each stop, right down to Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) level.

Warehouse Management Systems

Our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) gives you competitive advantages with warehouse efficiency, better inventory management and timely order fulfillment catering to your operational requirements and business complexities.

Visual Intelligence

APL Logistics has in place a proven combination of analysis, business acumen and the best tools available in the market to help customers better understand the nature of their business.

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