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APL Logistics Results January 2017 – September 2017

February 14, 2018, SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – Versus prior year, APLL’s revenue grew by 11% (to 144,024 million yen). Positive results were driven mainly by growth in core customer verticals (Automotive / Retail / Consumer / Industrials) and key regions (North America / North Asia / South Asia). Specifically, the Automotive vertical exhibited strong year-on-year growth due to robust increases in its intermodal handling volumes between U.S. and Mexico. Transportation of finished cars in India also enjoyed an uptick in volumes as vehicle production continues to increase to meet domestic consumption. The Retail vertical was also buoyed by signs of economic growth and recovery across regions, while the Consumer and Industrials verticals were stable versus prior year. Coupled with a disciplined approach to cost management, APLL’s core operating income rose by 66% (to 2,535 million yen) versus prior year. This result was achieved in spite of costs incurred by the organization to develop and enhance its business support functions, and fully separate from its former parent company. This result is also a testament to APLL’s continued efforts to invest in its talent, grow its business, and deliver for its shareholders. It should be noted that APLL is wholly-owned by Kintetsu World Express (KWE) and APLL as a standalone business segment had to record a net operating loss of 2,096 million yen (versus an operating loss of 2,966 million yen in prior year). This is due to the amortization of goodwill, related to KWE’s acquisition of APLL in 2015 for $1.2B.