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Supply chain solutions that resolve the dynamic demands of retail logistics

Whether you operate as a full service department store, upscale specialty store, brand name bargain operation or self-service discount store, our team of retail experts can help you find better ways to do business. Identifying opportunities in your retail supply chain that offer improvements through:

  • Order management
  • Vendor management
  • Consolidation
  • Global air, sea and land freight management
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Deconsolidation
  • Regional Distribution Centers (DC) and destination DC
  • Store order fulfillment
  • Distribution management
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility

Value-Added Services

Our value-added services are customized to serve the specialized needs of the retail industry
Vendor Management

To meet market demands and counter disruption, vendors have to produce on time and on spec. We have decades of experience managing vendors in Asia, Latin America and around the world and offer a comprehensive program to bring precision and consistency into your sourcing operations globally.

Complex Inbound Planning

APL Logistics is a recognized leader in designing and implementing complex solutions for inbound product planning. If you are looking to deliver your products “shelf ready”, we can work with you to create load rules by color, size, category or any other combination to help get products to the right place at the right time.

Distribution and Fulfillment

In Latin America, we have created innovative and award-winning solutions to distribute retail products across multiple channels. If you really want to push boundaries, our Ship Max℠ program can help you improve both cost and performance for last-mile deliveries.

Trade Solutions

If you are looking at setting up a regional distribution center in Asia, trade compliance is a must. We can help from the beginning of the project through to go-live with proven trade compliance solutions tested in Asia’s tough retail markets.

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Case Studies

Asia Distribution Optimization

APL Logistics optimizes customers’ Asia distribution for supply chain efficiency and FTA application.

Raw Material Management

APL Logistics extends into raw material flow and production tracking by deploying Control Tower to provide early decision support for a leading sporting goods retailer.

Duty Deduction Program

Carmichael International manages customs brokerage services for a top U.S. importer. An analysis of the customers imports found that they were paying higher duties and taxes by not correctly valuating their imports. They were able to significantly reduce costs by improving this process.

Store-Ready Options at Origin

APL Logistics provided a list of innovative projects that helped to free up retail stores space from inventory handling and reduced the overall supply chain cost through packaging design etc.

Regional Distribution in Singapore

APL Logistics setup a Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in Singapore and bypassed the Hong Kong hub, helping to achieve FTA savings, and incorporated a new warehouse design which provided speed, flexibility, and scalability for operations.

Asia RDC Deployment & Origin Services

APL Logistics deployed Asia distribution centers in South Asia and Singapore for this online fashion retailer.

Last Mile Services in Mexico

Mexico retailer was seeking a solution to the challenge of managing their last mile services, including container and yard management, equipment coordination, and reporting.

FTA Implementation in South East Asia

A large retailer in Southeast Asia was losing FTA savings because its products were passing through a non-FTA member hub where pick and pack operations were performed. It needed a solution to retain these savings which were significant.

Retail Shipment Visibility in Europe

Gain speed to market & shipment visibility for leading fashion retailer in Europe.