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Distribution & Fulfillment

Inventory where you need it, when you need It.
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Our Distribution & Fulfillment services efficiently manage your goods and distribution flow across the supply chain. Harness the power of inbound logistics to save on warehousing, inventory control, and manufacturing support, while still delivering goods on-time and on-budget.

Fulfilling Promises
Around the Globe

Strategic systemization wherever you are

APL Logistics has broad and diverse Distribution & Fulfillment solutions across major global markets.

North America

Our award-winning solutions span 50+ sites in the United States and Canada. Leverage time-honored collaborative relationships for cost-efficient services where you need them.

Latin America

Utilize our established logistical networks in Mexico and Chile. We design and implement world-class distribution and fulfillment offerings to help large companies expand in these emerging markets.


Our many years of experience in North Asia, South Asia and South East Asia include a strong capability in International Hub distribution. Spur growth in emerging markets as you take advantage of key trade agreements in the Asian market.


APL Logistics has been providing premier supply chain solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa since 1996. Today, our operations extend throughout the region, leveraging carefully-selected local agents and partners to provide world-class solutions.

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Distribution & Fulfillment Videos

CLS - VAS Overview
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Case Studies

Consumer Supply Chain Optimization in Australia

German-based supplier for Australian supermarkets overcome supply chain complexity through optimization of Value Added Services (VAS).

Consumer Electronics Cost Savings

Global networking equipment manufacturer cut costs and gained efficiency through consolidation of all U.S. West Coast sites and APLL's value-added services.

Store-Ready Options at Origin

APL Logistics provided a list of innovative projects that helped to free up retail stores space from inventory handling and reduced the overall supply chain cost through packaging design etc.

Regional Distribution in Singapore

APL Logistics setup a Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in Singapore and bypassed the Hong Kong hub, helping to achieve FTA savings, and incorporated a new warehouse design which provided speed, flexibility, and scalability for operations.

Asia RDC Deployment & Origin Services

APL Logistics deployed Asia distribution centers in South Asia and Singapore for this online fashion retailer.