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Environmental Sustainability

We have a Responsibility to our Planet.
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The time to be reactive has passed. There can be no delay in addressing the warming climate, deforestation, and pollution around us. At APL Logistics, we are doing our part to be proper stewards while staying at the vanguard of the exploding movement to decarbonize global supply chains.

  • We track key environmental indicators in the 300+ warehouses and offices that we operates out of across the globe.
  • We work to find low carbon, end-to-end solutions across our customers operations.
  • We adhere to globally accredited ESG reporting and disclosure frameworks, leveraging these bodies to guide all of our initiatives and roadmaps.

Addressing our Emissions

A huge part of APLL’s sustainability reporting and accountability journey has been to set Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions baselines for FY2022 and to pursue verifications for our emissions inventories.

Check Out Our Strategy

Over the past two years, APL Logistics committed to pulling together a comprehensive sustainability strategy and roadmap, starting with a GRI-compliant Materiality Assessment that outlined what issues matter to our company the most. This process helped to identify and prioritize our next ESG steps, culminating in APL Logistics’ first company-specific sustainability report with verified emissions baselines and reduction goals.

Click here to download APLL’s 2022 sustainability report

Materiality Assessment Executive Summary

Reducing our Emissions

With the help of an Environmental Defense Fund Climate Commitments Fellow and NSF Consulting services, we are working to compile emissions baselines and committing to Science Based Targets. Our current goals are:

  • Absolute reduction of Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% by 2030

Our short- and long-term absolute emission reduction goals, management strategies, and methods for tracking progress are ambitious and comprehensive. Goals will be revisited every 3 years or if they are achieved before the target date.

Analytics and Reporting

APLL is committed to measuring and reporting the emissions footprints of our customer’s APLL-managed shipping activities as a part of our top-tier Order Management services. We have brought increased emissions visibility into all of our analytics and reporting platforms. Within our LSS+ platform, APL Logistics’ customers have multiple opportunities to learn about and start to shrink their emissions impact.

  • Gather insights from your Emissions Dashboard within Visibility and Reporting
  • Pull a report on your Scope 3, Category 4 emissions using Visibility and Reporting
  • View shipment-level emissions visibility details in Trip Planning screens

Emission Measurements

APLL’s emissions measurements are supported by EcoTransIT and adhere to the GLEC Framework, GHG Protocol, and EN 16258. EcoTransIT World supports the automatic calculation of energy consumption, carbon emissions, air pollutants, and external costs.

The emissions are determined using an energy-based bottom-up approach and methodology.

Eco TransIT Methodology

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Our capabilities allow us to maximize our customer’s operational, economic, and environmental supply chain efficiencies simultaneously.