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Customs Brokerage & Global Trade

Cut through the red tape.
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We offer a complete, global solution for Customs & Trade Compliance via our parent company, Kintetsu World Express (KWE) and our sister company Carmichael International Service. In addition to standard customs offerings, we offer a premium full-service Trade Compliance consultancy that is tightly integrated into the group.

Specialized Services
for North America

Better relationships through high-touch collaboration

Carmichael International Service offers Customs & Trade Compliance solutions in key entry points throughout North America. While others in this space have taken the route of high-volume, low-touch transactions, our approach is intentionally different. We offer a high-touch, collaborative service designed to make our group work seamlessly with you. This focus has allowed Carmichael to enjoy customer relationships lasting more than 40 years. We believe our approach is more valued today than ever before.

International Expertise in Global Hubs

Globally, we offer a range of import and export customs services that can be customized according to your unique requirements. This includes intra-Asia expertise for international hubs, cross-border EU solutions, and direct interfaces with customs authorities across the Americas.

Our Trade Compliance team adds an additional competitive edge that customers can leverage to successfully enter and win in the emerging markets. We offer global advisory and consultancy services that play an integral role in the operational success of our international hubs.

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Case Studies

FTA Implementation for Industrial Customer

A large solar energy company with manufacturing operations in India was able to reduce its total customs duty spend in the Philippines by 10% through the use of the ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement.

FTA Implementation in South East Asia

A large retailer in Southeast Asia was losing FTA savings because its products were passing through a non-FTA member hub where pick and pack operations were performed. It needed a solution to retain these savings which were significant.

Duty Deduction Program

Carmichael International manages customs brokerage services for a top U.S. importer. An analysis of the customers imports found that they were paying higher duties and taxes by not correctly valuating their imports. They were able to significantly reduce costs by improving this process.

Consumer Supply Chain Optimization in Australia

German-based supplier for Australian supermarkets overcome supply chain complexity through optimization of Value Added Services (VAS).

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