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Customs Brokerage & Global Trade

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We offer Customs & Trade Compliance services via our parent company, Kintetsu World Express (KWE), and our sister company Carmichael International Service in selected markets. Please get in touch via our Contact Us page to find out more.

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Case Studies

FTA Implementation for Industrial Customer

A large solar energy company with manufacturing operations in India was able to reduce its total customs duty spend in the Philippines by 10% through the use of the ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement.

FTA Implementation in South East Asia

A large retailer in Southeast Asia was losing FTA savings because its products were passing through a non-FTA member hub where pick and pack operations were performed. It needed a solution to retain these savings which were significant.

Duty Deduction Program

Carmichael International manages customs brokerage services for a top U.S. importer. An analysis of the customers imports found that they were paying higher duties and taxes by not correctly valuating their imports. They were able to significantly reduce costs by improving this process.

Consumer Supply Chain Optimization in Australia

German-based supplier for Australian supermarkets overcome supply chain complexity through optimization of Value Added Services (VAS).