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Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a Responsibility to our Communities.
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In 2022, we took the opportunity to revamp our global corporate social responsibility (CSR) program: APLL InMotion. This initiative is dedicated to promoting Accountability, People, Leadership, and Longevity across our global workforce. We actively support projects that contribute to:

  • Ecosystem restoration, preservation, and cleanups
  • Natural disaster recovery and mitigation
  • School and educator sponsorships
  • Healthcare assistance programs
  • And more!

APLL InMotion is designed to bring attention and aid to the communities in which we live and operate, but also to bring together groups of employees. Cohorts of 3 to 300 colleagues have gathered to plant mangroves, run 5ks, organize book drives, collect plastic from the bottom of the ocean, build libraries, and more.

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APL Logistics’ is continuously striving to fulfill our obligations to the environment, to our employees, and to our customers, alike.

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