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APL Logistics to Hire EDF Climate Fellow

May 07, 2019, SCOTTSDALE, AZ – As part of its growing sustainability practice, APL Logistics will hire an Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps fellow, Sriram Rachamadugu, to create a Scope Three Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator. The calculator, scheduled to be available for customers’ use in late 2019, will provide the ability to model greenhouse gas reduction scenarios based on GHG Protocol and the Global Logistics Emissions Council’s (GLEC) carbon accounting methodology. Customers will work with APL Logistics staff to understand the intensity of value chain greenhouse gas emissions and satisfy investors’ requests to quantify, and ultimately reduce, greenhouse gas liabilities.

“We are focused on innovative opportunities to serve our customers,” said William Villalon, President of APL Logistics. The ability to model value chain emissions is a critical first step to signal investors that we are considering the business risks of climate change. APL Logistics continues to prepare for shifts in public policy and consumer preference, as we make decisions that consider the needs of future generations.”

“Organizations like the Climate Action 100, a cohort of 300+ institutional investors controlling $33+ trillion, believe disclosing the risks of climate change is their fiduciary responsibility,” added Jessica Balsam, Director of Sustainability for APL Logistics. “We are providing results aligned with the business goals of customers concerned with investor pressure and the proliferation of global greenhouse gas pricing schemes. Over time, APL Logistics is prepared to be an active voice in shaping these issues and identifying collaborative partnerships for systems-based solutions.”

The calculator will use data from APL Logistics’ Visual Intelligence Team and draw from the resources available in the EDF Supply Chain Solutions Center. By collaborating with organizations from the shipping and logistics sector, as well entities primarily dedicated to sustainability, APLL will increase the effectiveness of the Scope Three Emissions Calculator and deliver insightful solutions.

“Sriram’s calculator will provide APLL with the data needed to set specific and measurable climate goals, an important step in any organization’s sustainability journey, as well as establish the groundwork for which future sustainability projects can be carried out,” said Scott Wood, Director of EDF Climate Corps.