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Customer Advisory: Update – Red Sea Navigation

December 18, 2023,

As recently reported in the media, there has been an increase in attacks on cargo ships traveling in the Red Sea. Reportedly, these attacks have been limited to vessels with Israeli origin or destination or perceived ownership ties.

Consequently, certain shipping lines have halted transit through the Red Sea and have commenced rerouting vessels via the Cape of Good Hope. Many of these carriers have issued statements of their operational intent, which may be found online. Please note that as the situation is fluid and may have changed by the time of publication of this Update, APLL does not warrant its continuing accuracy.

As a consequence of this disruption, APL Logistics anticipates that certain shipping lines will be unable to adhere to their published schedules, which could lead to significant changes in vessel transit times. We urge our customers to consider the possible impact of any such delays and to take any necessary mitigating steps.

For the latest shipment information, please get in touch with your APL Logistics representative and/or track your shipments, including vessel position – through APL Logistics’ LSS+ Visibility & Reporting platform.

We will keep you informed about further developments.

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