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Transporting Motorcycles in India

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A leading automotive manufacturer uses a multi-level loading structure to increase its current capacity of nine trucks by 50%, resulting in reduced cost and enhanced management.

Customer Overview
  • Industry: Automotive (motorcycles)
  • Location: Bawal, India
  • Situation/Volume: Leading manufacturer required evaluation of alternative solutions to current domestic distribution practices
  • Increase current capacity of nine units/truck by 50%
  • Reduce overall packaging costs
  • Increase load-ability for cost reduction and better management
APL Logistics Solutions
  • Proposed multiple methods of transporting against the current crated skid-based transportation
  • Showcased packaging design conceptualization capability
  • Proposed solution for a multi-level loading scheme designed to carry 16 to 18 bikes per container with a safe and secure hoisting method
  • Three-phase project: Concept, design and prototype
  • Current prototyping and testing was successfully conducted and the design is undergoing fine-tuning before release of final drawings