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Outbound Transportation for CPG

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Global consumer packaged good manufacturer required a supply chain solution for outbound transportation, and an LLP solution in Mexico.

Customer Overview
  • Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods, APLL customer since 2003
  • Annual Business Volume 2012: 14,000 FEU
  • Origins: Mexico
  • Destination: Global
  • Service Requirements:
  • Loading and booking coordination with carriers
  • Loading process inspection
  • Document preparation and administration
  • Lead time tracking management tool for visibility
  • Pro-active KPI management program
  • Export customs management
  • Vendor payments
  • Multi-business units and product lines
  • Growing customer complexities at origin plants and vendors
  • Coordinate shipments as 4PL with other 3PL service providers
  • Control lead times, reliability and cost
Apl Logistics Solutions
  • Purchase Order & Cargo management
  • Booking Management (All modes)
  • Cargo Loading Process Inspection
  • Document and Certification preparation in SAP
  • Productivity & supply chain efficiency monitoring
  • Gap analysis for KPI metrics
  • Increased Vendor base for transportation adding Ocean Freight as service option
  • 98% Docs on time
  • KPI program maintained to monitor improvement
  • Mentioned by Customer as the most stable cost and lead time reliability service provider

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