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Carmichael International manages customs brokerage services for a U.S. importer of hotel supplies. This importer asked Carmichael to start grouping Bill of Ladings on one entry to reduce Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) exposure.

Customer Overview
  • Company: North America’s leader of Hotel Supplies
  • Vertical: Consumer
  • Services: Complete Customs Brokerage services by Carmichael International Service for shipments arriving in the U.S
  • Volume: Approximately 500 entries on an annual basis
  • Need to reduce amount of Merchandiser Processing Fee they are paying
  • How to identify Vendor/Products with low probability of being flagged for exam
  • Grouping multiple Bill of Ladings (BoL’s) on one entry without causing delays
Apl Logistics Solutions
  • Review of a full year worth of entries
  • Identify any Vendors and or Product that have been flagged for exam
  • Carmichael developed a report that can be run by VV
  • Report lists vendors not on the ‘approved list.’
  • Report will identify entered value to max out the MPF
  • 1st half of 2018: $11,042 MPF savings realized.
  • 1st half grouped Bill of Ladings realizing savings: 21 entries with grouped BoL’s, 145 BoL’s grouped over the 21 entries

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