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APL Logistics provided a list of innovative projects that helped to free up retail stores space from inventory handling and reduced the overall supply chain cost through packaging design etc.

Customer Overview
  • Company: One of Australia’s largest retailers, with over 180 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, three sourcing offices in Shanghai, Delhi and Hong Kong and supported by a diverse group of more than 26,000 team members.
  • Vertical: Retail
  • Volume: Total annual throughput ~98,000,000 units with 4,800,000 units pick and pack
  • Existing LSP has been serving the company for the last 10 years; operations performance was good, but lacked innovation
  • Significant pre-retailing activities at destination DC and stores escalating logistics spend
  • Change in sourcing strategy which required Supply Chain redesign
Apl Logistics Solutions
  • APL Logistics was able to address all the challenges of their Supply Chain
  • Provide a list innovative projects that will be executed in phases after onboarding.
  • Multiple and flexible solutions in line with customer dynamic Supply Chain Strategy
  • Free up 20% of retail stores space from inventory handling
  • Reduces destination DC handling that resulted in 15% operating cost reduction with pre-retailing activities handling at origin hub
  • Reduces the overall supply chain cost through various innovation supply chain ideas e.g. packaging design, decanting etc.

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