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Rail-based transportation solution for finished vehicles in India.

Customer Overview
  • A major automotive manufacturer needed to move vehicles in Chennai and consumption market to New Delhi
  • Unreliable deliveries, frequent damage due to poor road infrastructure
  • Insufficient capacity hampering growth of Indian automotive sector
  • Needs a viable solution for transport of finished vehicles across India
Apl Logistics Solutions
  • AutoLinx℠
  • Dedicated, regular rail service connecting major production and consumption centers
    across India
  • Covered, double-decker rail wagons with capacity for >300 vehicles
  • End-to-end solution: First/Last mile, terminal, and in future, value-added services
  • Scheduled service ensures transit integrity and reliability
  • Large capacity wagon lowers per vehicle transport costs
  • Covered rail wagons increase security and reduce damage from elements
  • Lower emissions compared to road transport

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