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Driving Progress: Equity and Inclusion at APL Logistics

Where equity thrives, so does innovation.

At APL Logistics, prioritizing equity has been central to our philosophy, and we’re proud that our ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion have led us to be an Employer of Choice.
The African American Employee Resource Group (AAERG) has partnered with APLL’s DEI Group led by our first African American Director of DEI, Lamont Nelson, to accelerate our DEI effort. They are dedicated to creating and implementing the initiatives that drive progress and equity throughout our company.

A diverse team introduces diversity of thought: different experiences, backgrounds, ideas, visions, and solutions. With these perspectives, we can become more agile, tackle obstacles through other vantage points, identify new opportunities for growth, and cultivate a work environment people are excited to be part of.

“Diversity is a core value at APL Logistics, because we all embrace our differences. We understood, in order to really reach our goals and expectations and grow to become the best, we have to embrace diversity and inclusion, fairness, equal pay, equal opportunities for every associate,” says Jamaul Brooks, General Manager, Contract Logistics, at APL Logistics Americas.

Leading Representation  

Change starts at the top. Our partnership with the AAERG encourages Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and promotes African American leadership at APL Logistics.

Although the number of Black leaders has increased nationally, we endeavor to increase equity and opportunity further by introducing better pathways to corporate senior-level and executive leadership positions through DEI.

The AAERG primarily assists APL Logistics by removing obstacles, such as access to certain projects, that can impede qualified candidates from developing their careers. It also helps us promote cultural awareness and provides additional opportunities for personal and career development. Ensuring these are available to every employee adheres to our shared company values, or Maxims.

Offering a resource group to African American employees offers more opportunities to leverage the advantages of networking. AAERG members can build impactful connections, expand their network, and gain skills to grow professionally.

The AAERG is committed to establishing an ongoing talent pipeline within APL Logistics, assisting with recruitment efforts at colleges and universities. We hire interns from diverse backgrounds and participate in college activities, like competition events and workshops. Building an equitable workspace and workforce starts with investing in one.

Through these efforts, the AAERG aims to develop a sustainable blueprint of equity and representation within the organization and tomorrow’s leaders.

Emphasis on Equity

Equity is crucial to an organization’s success — and it’s one of the AAERG’s most critical initiatives. Unlike equality, which offers the same resources to everyone, equity promotes fairness and addresses systemic inequalities. No one starts their career from the same point, and equity provides tailored support and resources to level the playing field and ensure everyone has what they need.

For decades, African Americans struggled to achieve equity in the workplace, facing barriers to gaining jobs — and earning a fair salary once they did. In the 1970s, the number of Black Americans in the workforce increased by 17%, according to the Economic Policy Institute, including in professional, technical, and managerial roles.

While progress is to be celebrated, without the right initiatives, it isn’t always synonymous with success. For many Black Americans, systemic barriers to promotions, fair treatment, equal pay, and equal opportunities persist.

Today, intentional efforts remain necessary to ensure we’re genuinely enacting equity throughout our organization. At APL Logistics, that begins with our hiring practices, supporting individual employee growth and development, and reviewing compensation so salaries are fair. All these efforts help combat inequalities that have traditionally been seen within workplaces.

“Our company have done a phenomenal job supporting the DEI program. It’s great to be a part of it, knowing that every day you are participating in the conversation, that you are making a difference,” Christina Tarango, at APL Logistics Americas, said.

With the positive momentum DEI creates, we’re committed to investing in our employees and DEI initiatives with no restrictions on the resources or tools we offer. We strive to create a more positive, sustainable workplace where everyone has the opportunity to grow, excel, and make an impact.

“We want to be a company that people aspire to be part of, because their voices are heard, because their talents are well-used and are valued, because people have an opportunity to grow based on the merit of their performance and their skills,” said Alex Mac Lennan, at APL Logistics Americas.

Join Our Journey

APL Logistics continues its journey towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion, by collaborating with the AAERG, company leadership and fellow employees to drive meaningful change. Through collective effort and unwavering dedication, APL Logistics and its employees strive to build a workplace where every voice is heard, every perspective is valued, and every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

Learn more about DEI at APL Logistics and help shape our future.