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Driving Change, Driving Electric: Kicking off Nike and APL Logistics’ First-Mile Electric Vehicle Transportation!

APL Logistics has deployed the first, 100% electric heavy duty prime movers for Nike’s first-mile transportation movements in Southern China early February 2024. This significant milestone aligns with Nike’s ambitious commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by 2030.

Sustainable transportation solution for Nike's first-mile logistics
Electric heavy-duty prime mover transporting goods as part of Nike’s sustainable first-mile transportation initiative in Southern China.

In just over two months, both companies came together to successfully deploy three trucks that will stop over 2,000 MT CO2e from being released into the atmosphere each year. These Nike-dedicated vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, and each truck in circulation will eliminate hundreds of diesel-powered kilometers from Nike’s supply chain each week. We are proud to be Nike’s strategic partner in deploying decarbonized transportation capabilities, even across regions and modes where alternative fuel markets are emerging or limited.

The successful electrification of these trucks is just the beginning. This collaboration demonstrates commitment from both companies to protecting the environment and building carbon-free supply chains.

APL Logistics and Nike partnership for greener supply chains   APL Logistics supporting Nike's carbon reduction commitment   

We extend our gratitude to all the Nike and APL Logistics employees who came together at our Shenzhen warehouse to celebrate this greener origin transportation breakthrough.