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APL Logistics and Toys“R”Us Asia Unveil Exciting Partnership with New Regional Distribution Hub Opening

Shenzhen, April 9, 2024 – APL Logistics, a global supply chain solutions provider, and Toys“R”Us Asia, the renowned toy retailer, are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with the grand opening of a Regional Distribution Hub in Shenzhen. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Toys“R”Us Asia’s supply chain operations.

The grand opening event took place on March 27, 2024, and promised to be a celebration of synergy and the shared dedication to delivering extraordinary toy retail experiences that fuel imagination and inspire the next generation through the magic of toys and play. Strategically located in Shenzhen, the Regional Distribution Hub is set to play a pivotal role in Toys“R”Us Asia’s distribution network, ensuring seamless product availability for children and families across the region.

“We are delighted to join forces with Toys“R”Us Asia in this exciting venture,” said Mr Waldo Basilla, Chief Operations and Commercial Officer, Asia, at APL Logistics. “Our partnership combines APL Logistics’ expertise in supply chain solutions with Toys“R”Us  Asia’s’ iconic brand and commitment to delivering joy to children worldwide. Together, we aim to redefine the toy retail landscape and revolutionize the way toys are distributed.”

With a strong focus on optimizing efficiency and elevating the customer experience, the newly established Regional Distribution Hub strives to achieve industry-leading operational effectiveness. APL Logistics will equip Toys“R”Us Asia with the necessary resources to ensure the timely and complete delivery of products from their sourcing locations to over 500 stores across the Asia region.

Through advanced planning and management of purchase orders, harmonized supplier processes and engagement, end-to-end visibility, digitized workflows, and analytics dashboards, this partnership enables Toys“R”Us Asia to streamline their supply chain operations and increase responsiveness in their product supply and fulfilment.

By reducing in-store inventory and creating more space for children to play, the ultimate goal of this collaboration is to enhance the overall customer experience and create a joyful environment for children to explore and enjoy.

“We are thrilled with this strategic partnership in the making between Toys“R”Us Asia and APL Logistics. APL Logistics, a renowned global logistics provider, will play a key role in Toys“R”Us Asia’s transformation program which re-engineers our supply chain, remove complexity, and improve efficiency with greater asset utilization, all of which supports a lean and nimble supply chain while focusing and delivering on customer experience. This partnership empowers us to take our services to new heights and deliver a unique and unparalleled experience to all our valued customers!” said Bruno Thellier, Chief Experience Officer of Toys“R”Us Asia.

The Regional Distribution Hub opening ceremony was indeed a momentous occasion, graced by the presence of APL Logistics management and staff, as well as distinguished guests from Toys“R”Us Asia. The event was filled with memorable moments, including inspiring speeches by Mr. Basilla and Mr. Thellier, a captivating lion dance performance, and the grand unveiling of a spectacular confetti-filled celebration. This auspicious event marked the official inauguration of the new distribution hub and symbolized the unwavering commitment of both companies to delivering exceptional toy retail experiences while embracing innovation in supply chain management. Together, they aim to make a significant difference in supply chain operations, focusing on enhancing efficiency and prioritizing customer satisfaction as the central focus of their partnership.