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Christina's Story

United States


Before joining APL Logistics as a senior manager supply chain solution in 2019, I was leading a micro-services implementation initiative for a major healthcare provider. I wanted to take my digital transformation experience and consulting skills to the supply chain field. Supply chain and its application of technology is something I’ve always been deeply curious about. In my current role, I get the chance to focus more on identifying opportunities and design solutions for internal processes and application improvements.


With experience in system implementation, BI development, and digital transformations in manufacturing, automotive, retail, and healthcare industries, I believe APL Logistics provides the global platform that allows me to combine my passion for problem-solving and supply chain technology on a more elevated level.

I am given enough autonomy and creative freedom to investigate problems with stakeholders and brainstorm any internal improvements where we can become more efficient and effective in supporting our client’s requests and operations. It’s challenging and intellectually stimulating but I get tons of support from my management and peers.


When I first came here, I heard how we were one of the few early adopters of visual analytics in anticipation of a specific client’s needs. Now, it has evolved and become an integral part of our service and competitive advantage. I think that the scalable solutions that we have to offer are constantly evolving while being driven and inspired by client expectations.

Currently, I am working with a business intelligence team, strategy team, customer service team, operation team, and service quality team to streamline the case management process using our cloud-based CRM platform.

In it for the long haul

Long tenure is definitely a theme that echoes with lots of associates here. I had the pleasure of attending the celebration for one of our longest-tenured employee’s retirement party after nearly 36 years of service. I think it really speaks to the internal culture that we are creating, a place where people come and stay.

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