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Micki's Story

United States


I started at APL Logistics in 2007 as a Sales Administrator in Greensboro, North Carolina. It’s a big name there, and I knew I could expand my knowledge base in international logistics and grow. Since then, I’ve been a Logistics Analyst, Senior Logistics Analyst, Team Lead, then Associate Manager to Senior Manager of Customer Support and Operations – and now I’m a Program Manager. Now, I oversee my clients accounts globally – collaborating with colleagues across the US and around the world. My role’s customer facing, but ultimately it’s about making sure our operations run smoothly and building strong customer relationships: strategically managing to the customers’ supply chain requirements, technology, reporting and analytics. I’m their key contact, so I’m in constant contact with them via phone or onsite visits pretty much all the time.


In logistics, things change quickly based on what’s happening in the world – the global economy for example. You need to know who to speak to solve challenges fast. Colleagues in customer support, service quality, technology and engineering help me provide the best solutions to our customers; and Sales experts will make sure, commercially, we have everything in place.

This means that, while we may be spread out globally, we’re very tightly-knit. It takes all of us to provide these services. It’s a real team environment.

Creating solutions from scratch

I’ve always felt that APL Logistics goes the extra mile to provide solutions. We understand what the customer requires, look at what we do currently and then evolve our business to meet or exceed those requirements. And if there isn’t an obvious answer, time and again; we’ll leverage the knowledge we have – and create the best solution for our customer.

A good example is TJX BPO PROGRAM. They needed customs documentation support: a system that could take in all kinds of commercial documents for domestic shipments, validate them, and put them in a repository so we could work collaboratively with their compliance department. We created a team that developed systems and processes around their needs, then added technology to streamline it. We built the program from the ground up. And TJX really appreciated the fact they had something so customized.

Mentors who believe in you

I wasn’t assigned an official mentor; but I have mentors who’ve been with me my entire 13 years at APLL. People who willingly share information, help keep you on track and focused, give great career development advice and are wonderful to work with.

In fact, one recommended for me to be part of the leadership development program. It helped me develop my leadership style, think about how I built teams, and the way I help people accomplish their goals.

I’m very open to continue growing in this company. I may go back to people management. I may stay in program management. It’s been a great ride and I’m excited about the future.

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